The 2020 Satisfaction Survey is complete - thanks to all who participated!

7 Tips for Taking the 2019 Survey

Satisfaction Survey poster with man holding hands up.

7 Tips for Taking the 2019 Survey

It’s already been a year since the first-ever UC Davis Academic and Staff Survey. Now with one survey under our belts, we have come up with some tips we hope will improve your survey taking experience. 

  1.  Be choosy. The way the survey is set up it can be difficult to know which unit you are reviewing before you begin. For this reason, we recommend selecting the service lines for which you plan to provide feedback by first checking out the services line descriptions on the Satisfaction Survey website
  1. Don’t be overwhelmed. Sure, there are 56 service lines participating in the survey, but you may only have interacted with 5 or less of them in 2018. Figure out which ones make the most sense for you and focus solely on those. For those of you at UC Davis Health, the service lines page also breaks out which units provide services to you – no need to filter through them all. 

  2. Kerberos is the key. Last year you needed a personalized password to start the survey. This year your Kerberos is all you need to log in to the survey. 

  3. Submit or not to submit. You don’t have to complete the survey all at once. As long as you don’t hit “submit,” you can log back in and finish it later. 

  4. One and done. Your survey feedback should only apply to last year (2018) and not your years of experience with a service line. And, although we’d like as much feedback as you are willing to give, you only need to fill out and submit the survey for one unit to qualify for the free UC Davis swag! 

  5. Gather your gifts. Whether you are getting your survey gifts from the UC Davis Bookstore or the UC Davis Health Fitness Center in Sacramento, you can appoint one person in your office to gather the swag. Just provide your appointee with all your survey gift coupons. 

  6. What’s in a name. The names of the a few participating units have changed or require additional information. Make sure the service line you are evaluating is really the one you had in mind. 

  • Conference and Event Services is not a catering service. Although they love food, Conference and Event Services can only help you coordinate catering for your event, they don’t provide the actual food.  

  • Two units have “fire” in their names but offer a distinct set of services. The Fire Department safeguards lives and property through prevention, education and emergency response, whereas Fire Prevention Services provides fire and life safety inspections, education and enforcement related to codes and regulations. 

  • The Arboretum and Public Garden includes Grounds and Landscape Services, the Arboretum and the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve. 

  • Our Human Resources WorkLife department used to be named Work Life and Wellness. That unit is separate from Safety Services’ Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being.

Lastly, we appreciate your time. Your feedback helps establish a framework for continually assessing the effectiveness of university administrative services and last year your feedback enabled every unit involved to focus their efforts on where they matter most to you.  

We won’t know unless you tell us!