The 2020 Satisfaction Survey is complete - thanks to all who participated!

Administrative IT

Delivering a better desktop service experience 

Administrative IT is a centralized resource that supports Finance, Operations and Administration by offering innovative and effective technology solutions. Areas of service include Application Management & Support, Development & Integrations, Business Systems Operations, Desktop Support, Server & Infrastructure Management and Project Management.

New Initiatives

New initiatives to improve customer service:

  1. Welcome Guide will be distributed to new staff and with all new/replaced computer deployments. Includes overview of IT services and support staff, help desk contacts, technical tips, and jump-start information for commonly-used services. (Success measures: 1-time distribution to all FOA knowledge workers; ongoing distribution to new staff and with each new or replacement computer; customer feedback.)
  2. Establishing new metric and reports for "multi-touch" tickets and "multi-issue" clients, to routinely review cases where issues were not resolved on first contact. The goal is to better understand root causes and enable more consistent "first-contact" resolution. (Success measures: ticketing metrics will measure trend in multi-touch and repeat-visit tickets over time.)
  3. Based on our new inventory and asset management system, develop FOA-wide and departmental workstation reports and multi-year replacement forecasts, based on real-time data and shared with departments at least quarterly. This will improve workstation budget planning, help us manage our substantial ongoing deployment workload, and help ensure that older equipment gets replaced on schedule. (Success measures: quarterly distribution of updated multi-year forecasts to FOA departments and budget personnel; availability of on-demand departmental forecasts within 3 business days; over budget cycles, net reduction in older equipment.)
  4. Creating periodic Spot Award for exceptional cross-training/teamwork within the support team. The goal is to highlight instances where folks are helping each other grow, learn, and provide excellent service -- and thus helping customers by improving the overall skill level and teamwork within the group. (Success measures: Teamwork Spot Award utilized multiple times per performance year; over time, staff morale and customer feedback.)
  5. Refine "IT Office Hours" schedule to include additional areas with significant concentrations of FOA staff, such as Facilities and Mrak. Additionally, explore feasibility of establishing a permanently-staffed "pod" of multiple support staff at one or more key locations. This could potentially allow greater speed, efficiency and access for on-site support services where we have high concentrations of FOA staff. (Success measures: ticketing metrics will show trends in response and resolution times for on-site services; over time, customer feedback regarding on-site availability and overall access to support.)
  6. Internal communications training within AdminIT to improve response messages so customers have a better understanding when solutions are provided or there are delays. (Success measures: survey feedback at the end of each ticket resolution)

Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives to improve customer satisfaction:

  1. Detailed metrics, service management dashboards, and daily standup meetings all help focus the support team on key customer impacts, outstanding items, blockers, and collaboration opportunities. These initiatives continue to deliver ongoing improvements to overall response and resolution times.
  2. Developed comprehensive workstation inventory using real-time data and integrated with our service management system. This approach allows support staff to more easily associate recurring issues with individual devices, provides better data for replacement and stock forecasting, and enables clients to see the specific assets that are assigned to them.
  3. Aggie Desktop Academic/Administrative Partnership has already streamlined Windows workstation deployment and patching. Next objectives include Macintosh management and Windows/Mac client self-service for pre-approved software installations and updates.
  4. Business Partners have been established for each FOA unit to provide department-level outreach, coordination and IT planning, and to finalize Service Partner Agreements defining scope of IT services, department-specific needs, respective roles, priorities, etc.
  5. Point-of-Service Client Surveys are offered with every desktop support ticket, providing immediate, actionable feedback. (292 surveys received in the past year.)
  6. Weekly "IT Office Hours" are scheduled at several client locations.
  7. Currently reviewing 24/7 support for certain high risk/high availability areas like Police and Industrial Controls.
  8. Promotion of email for service desk request. This will aid with tracking and ensure customer responses are timely.
  9. AdminIT website recently updated and in review. Website provides overview on different services, tips & tricks and information on FOA projects.