About the Survey

Tell us how we're doing!

Are you satisfied with administrative services? We won’t know unless you tell us! It’s not just a marketing slogan, it’s a statement empowering our customers to provide feedback to help us improve services for all.

Two years ago, UC Davis launched a survey tool developed and administered by UC San Diego to collect and analyze confidential data from customers on university administrative services. We wanted to establish a framework for continually assessing the effectiveness of our services.

How do we know if our customers are satisfied with our service? How do our units stack up against one another? How do we benchmark against similar service units at other higher education institutions? If customer service is an important goal, then how do we collect information to help us understand how we’re doing and specifically where we can improve to have the greatest positive impact?

Survey results have revealed where services are highly valued, and where opportunities exist to enhance our programs. 

We invite you to tell us what you think!

When the survey is live on February 17, 2021, you can access it directly through the link in your invitation email, or by clicking the "Go!" button on this site's home page and entering your Kerberos ID and password.

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