Go Ags! mug in use at a desk
An oversized "Go Ags!" mug is one of three gifts available for employees who complete the Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey before March 17, though you'll also have the option of directing a $1 contribution to a UC Davis care fund instead. (Anjie Cook/UC Davis)

6 Tips for Taking the Satisfaction Survey

Prizes are back!
Use these tips to finish the survey quickly

It’s been two years since the last time UC Davis employees were asked to take the Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey, so we figured a refresher might come in handy. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Employee wearing Go Ags! T-shirt with campus water tower in the background
    Employee Sienna Mata models this year's T-shirt, available to staff and faculty members who complete the Satisfaction Survey. (Anjie Cook/UC Davis)
    Early birds pick the best prizes: Gifts for completing the survey are back this year, with a mug, T-shirt or phone wallet (earbuds not included) sporting the “Go Ags!” spirit mark. After you complete the survey, you’ll receive a coupon code by email to pick up your prize at the UC Davis Campus Store, while supplies last.
  2. Or share the love by directing a donation: If swag isn’t your thing or you work remotely, then you also have the option to direct a $1 contribution to one of three UC Davis care funds to either help defray costs for veterinary care for animals and their families; offer students relief for basic needs during emergencies; or provide hardship grants for staff members at both campuses.
  3. Here’s the survey to get started: Log in to the Satisfaction Survey with your Kerberos account. (Or you can use the direct link sent to you by email from “UC Davis Satisfaction Survey.”)
  4. Pick the service lines you used in 2022: Your ratings should be focused on service you received during the last calendar year. If any of the service names seem confusing, you can check the service line descriptions based on division, college, school or unit to make sure you’re rating the correct service. Not every administrative service is included, but this year there are more than 60 service lines to choose from, including ones from within Finance, Operations and Administration; Information and Educational Technology; the Office of Research; the College of Engineering; and the Offices of the Chancellor and Provost.
  5. It really shouldn’t take long: We expect that each service line will only take 2-3 minutes to rate. There are also a few campuswide questions that you will answer at the end.
  6. But take whatever time you need: As long as you don’t hit “Submit,” then you are welcome to log back in later to finish responding. Make sure to hit “Submit” by March 17!

Take the survey now

If this doesn’t answer your questions, you may find what you’re looking for in the Survey FAQs, including questions about confidentiality, who is invited to take the survey, question previews, related processes and technical details.

If you’d like to slow down and dig deeper to understand how survey results can make a difference — thank you! We know employees care deeply about making UC Davis a better place, and that’s key to this survey’s success and impact. Take a look at the interactive results dashboard and find out how survey responses fueled improvements on campus during the first four years of the Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey.

Still more questions? Email satisfactionsurvey@ucdavis.edu.